Selling a house

High Street Agents
Living Perfect Agents

Please consider the following below

  • The time it takes to put together valuation guidance; which includes researching the local market, looking at past sales data, archived data and local market fluctuations. This needs to then be written up in a report or at the very least translated during the home visit or over the phone.
  • A visit to come and take photos and floorplan measurements of your house (plus the cost of travel)
  • Someone to write up the details of your property to make it sound appealing
  • Someone to come out and to install a For Sale sign outside your house
  • Someone to organise the phone and online enquiries for viewings
  • Someone to show people around your house
  • The cost of the estate agency’s prime location high street office
  • The cost of the estate agency’s unnecessary fleet of cars
  • The cost of marketing your house on the internet
  • The cost of newspaper marketing (even though often unproductive)
  • The cost of producing glossy coloured window cards and brochures to market your property
  • The cost of negotiation
  • The cost of weekly progression of sale to check the process is running smoothly